Our Process

1. Client contacts Archangel Home Detox Ltd.

2. Archangel performs a telephone assessment and questionnaire which covers medical, psychiatric and social elements.

3. Archangel organises an appointment with a doctor.

4. Client is escorted to one of our doctors, at which point the assessment and questionnaire is used as a guide.  Basic observations and blood work may be performed if the doctor deems neccessary.

5. A prescription is given to the nurse for either an alcohol detox of Chlordiazepoxide or an opiate detox of Suboxone – as per NICE guidelines.

6. The client is escorted home and has 24/7 nurse input for the duraction of the detox, which would be 7 days in central Scotland and in other areas will vary. If the client does not have a significant other, then the nurse will stay over on the first two nights if necessary – otherwise in nearby accommodation.

7. Archangel will offer advice on how to obtain free recovery support.

8. If the aftercare package is taken then Archangel arranges 10 face to face sessions of Recovery Coaching tailored to the client’s needs.

9. Archangel will be available by telephone for support and advice until the client feels they wish to cease contact.