Our Process

1. Client contacts Archangel Home Detox Ltd.

2. Archangel nurse prescriber performs a telephone assessment and questionnaire which covers medical, psychiatric and social elements.

3. Archangel professional meets with the prescriber to go through the assessment.

4. A prescription is given to our Archangel professional for an alcohol detox of Chlordiazepoxide as per NICE guidelines.

5. Our Archangel professional aims to arrive at 10am on the first day of detox. If you don’t have a friend or family member our professional will stay over for the first night to ensure your safety. Otherwise they will be on 24hr on call accommodation nearby.

6. Archangel will offer advice on how to obtain free recovery support, and will provide relapse prevention information.

7. Archangel will be available by telephone for support and advice until the client feels they wish to cease contact.